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Being the little prince for one night is possible!
Videos from Bohol:
  • Diving around Balicasag island
    12 June 2010

    Balicasag, Panglao island, Bohol, Phils

    Be patient with this video. Let it download for a while, since it is rendered at high quality and furthermore, it is TEN minutes long! But it is worth it; I recorded all this video -although I inserted some captions of myself in the middle-, and there's turtles, big jack fish school, nemos, incredible chorals and a loooong etcetera...
    See the original version in vimeo.

  • Trying some waterfalls in Antequera
    14 June 2010

    Bohol, Phils

    I couldn't leave the island without checking some falls in the area -traditional in my trips already-. They're fun and so refreshing, made me a great massage in my back and feet, and I had a wonderful time playing with them, climbing, going behind, jumping over... Nature here was amazing and I think it is worth to see. Check pictures also!

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