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Hopping from beaches to lakes
Videos from Busuanga:
  • A bit of a snorkel underneath a big rock-mountain
    10 July 2010

    Around Coron, Busuanga, Phils

    I wanted to go thru this hole underwater, below a limestone mountain, and got trapped floating against top of it. After I found a family of nemos, defending as usual their eggs inside the plant, and then I looked around overwater to see the place. Very beautiful...

  • We swim in the secret lake of Cangayan
    10 July 2010

    Caganyan lake, Coron island, Busuanga, Phils

    There's such a lot of nature here! And tranquility around you, in the cristal water, in the mountains around you, and therefore in your soul. I felt home here. It could only be improved by fresh raindrops falling smoothly in your face and in your back, making a little massage, and bringing a state of happiness and joy.

  • Dancing with a flower in a secret lake while raining
    10 July 2010

    Caganyan lake, Coron island, Busuanga, Phils

    Floating in this beautiful lake with all this relaxing feelings, I found a very tiny flower dancing in front of my eyes for me. I had nothing else to do but following her and watching her dance. I had music on my mind, don't remember which, but something similar to what I added to this video...

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