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Camiguin - Please come-again
Videos from Camiguín:
  • In the Katihawasan Falls
    07 August 2010

    Camiguín, Pilipinas

    With 70 meters high, this is one of the most beautiful falls I've ever seen. It was an awesome venue here and it was fun to play around, though direct water was a little bit harming on skin!

  • Swimming against a waterfall current, in Tuwasan falls
    08 August 2010

    Camiguín, Pilipinas

    This waterfall is much stronger than it looks. When the water touches down, a big wind is generated around and all the water goes away badly. Trying to swim against is just... impossible.

  • My own mania to go behind the waterfalls, in Tuwasan
    08 August 2010

    Camiguín, Pilipinas

    I admit this is my mania. But I have to do it: going behind this one was dangerous, as its violence if it gets you down will crash you in the rocks... Tricky, but accomplished.

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