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Hong Kong

Sois tan chinos como os pintamos?

* I bought my camera here in HK. First pics were taken with my mobile and are low quality (pics 1 to 39). Note the difference after pic 40. (:

Videos from Hong Kong:
  • A day-walk in Hong Kong
    07 November 2009

    Hong Kong, China

    Trying to get more and more lost thru the HK's streets, I got my brand-new camera to work by doing this video. I was walking at some point of MongKok area, and there was street market with all these stands... and chinese atmosphere.

  • The daily light-sound spectacle at the bay
    07 November 2009

    Hong Kong, China

    I heard they perform a funny spectacle every day. At 20.00 pm, building lights and public-address speakers get synchronized for few minutes and, if that gets you around the bay, it is worth to stay. Not very special but interesting though.

Geo Samples
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