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The honour and the perfection I was missing in this world
Videos from Japan:
  • Sleeping in a capsule hotel!
    26 August 2010

    Kobe, Japan

    Fun! Landed at Osaka and went to Kobe for its famous beef... that I tried of course. And sleep in this place! You got everything: TV, radio, alarm, air, light... and yes, SPACE to sleep!

  • Walking thru Nara's most descriptive street tribe: the Deers
    27 August 2010

    Nara, Japan

    Like one more street tribe... Though, Japan has a quite homogeneus society... so these are the only punkies in the city :)
    Almost by the Todaiji temple, the biggest wooden temple on earth, it was nice to get thru them ...

  • Night bike ride troughout the empty streets of Nara
    27 August 2010

    Nara, Japan

    After an exhausting temple-visiting day, I got my bike and started wandering over Nara's streets. It's a typical japanese village with small houses all very close, and small streets, and although it was still early, all was clear and I saw few people around.

  • Alone in Kyoto
    29 August 2010

    Kyoto, Japan

    This time I really wander around Gyon district, the most beautiful and interesting place for a night in Kyoto. From my bike, everything passes by fast and it is very real to see Kyoto's night life. I was alone again and this is when you most miss someone with you for fun and party... But I got enough fun in my bike!

  • Lost in Nikko's mountains, following the sound of the big Kegon falls
    2 September 2010

    Nikko Natural Park, Japan

    I made a decision of stopping on a previous station, and hike all the way to the Kegon Falls and lake Chuzenji. But I got lost cause the trail was confusing, fell from a tree when trying to see over for directions, and had to walk naked cause my flip-flops on were even worse. But yeeeaah, what an adventure, looking for deers and chasing the waterfall? :)

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