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Pandan Island

...y si me voy un fin de semana a buscar algo hermoso? Primera escapada en el archipiélago!
Videos from Pandan Island:
  • A little tricycle ride from airport downtown
    20 November 2009

    San Jose, Mindoro, Phils

    The main, easiest, cheapest transport in the Philippines is the tricycle. They are everywhere and can go with up to 5 people on them... Short distances are all covered by the funny tricycles.

  • Bus deck-over trip towards Sablayan and Pandan island
    20 November 2009

    Mindoro, Phils

    And what if a bus service gets stuffed? No wait: you just travel standing, over someone... or why not, in the roof. Happy with it, I jumped over this bus and had a couple hours enjoying sunset, views, and, as you can see on it, dealing with the branches of the trees that stroke me. hahaha

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