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The young city holds an expo
Videos from Shanghai:
  • Walking thru Yu Yu Garden
    3 July 2010

    Shanghai, China

    Walking around I went to this place which is good for eating and shopping... Looks very chinese and was fun. You see, chinese and chinese and chinese....

  • Expo 2010: El Pabellón de España!
    4 July 2010

    Expo 2010, Shanghai, China

    Expo 2010 on a Sunday is a sort of suicide. It is so HOT and crowded. Most of the people are locals. The looong queues for some pavilions are sometimes ridiculous, so I went for the easy ones. Of course I went to visit the spanish one, worthing the not-too-long-queue. The surface was made of some sort of basketwork panels in brown colors, looking all like a tiger (2010=tiger year in china). Brilliant. If you want to see how it was inside, check this video! and see album pictures also.

  • I'm riding in the rain.... lalalaaa
    4 July 2010

    Somewhere in Shanghai, China

    In the way back from Expo it was raining hard and we rided bikes home. It was hot so rain was kinda not annoying at all! I followed Marie and I was contemplating the city while lost in my thoughts. And then I wanted to share the moment so I took my camera and rided peacefully... in the rain.

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